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Should You Wear tights to Job Interviews or Work?

Whether or not to wear pantyhose remains a contested issue among female employees and job seekers. Changes in fashion and workplace dress codes have caused some women to forgo pantyhose for bare legs, while other women claim pantyhose are still essential. Who is right? Dress Codes and Culture Wearing tights to job interviews or work depends on a number of factors, starting with the company. If you know the company allows business casual dress, you should feel fine not wearing pantyhose, but if business dress (a pantsuit or a suit with a blouse) is preferred, pantyhose would be more appropriate. If you are unsure about the company's dress policies , ask. If you have an interview coming up, you can call the front desk and ask. If you know someone who works for the company, you can ask them for advice as well. Many people believe wearing pantyhose is a generational preference and that today's work professionals don't need to do so. Pantyhose may be less essential today than
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